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univkangssi - story; tale
Univkangssiur - he is telling a story
Univkangssisnga - tell me a story

Posted on Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Uksur - winter
Uksumi taakin'aq - you must come in the winter
Uksiunga - I am spending the winter
Uksiwigarmiut - (place name) Residents of the wintering place.
Posted on Friday, January 5, 2008

Ena - house
Enpiar -
real, old-time house (sod house)
Lavkar -
frame house; building
Posted on Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Agayu - traditional mask.
Agayumeg tangellruunga - I saw a traditional mask.
Agayurrsurwit - bluffs on north coast of Nuniwar, meaning "a place to find driftwood to make masks."

[view some Nuniwar masks here]
Posted on Monday, November 26, 2007

irci - legendary half-man half-fox creature often depicted on Nunivak masks.
Ircinun ilalluteg pikutalliniug - They may have merged into the half man/ half beast community.
posted on Wednesday, October 15, 2007

puqig- - to be learned; to be educated; to be intelligent.
puqigwartur - she is very intelligent.
puqigwartut - they are very intelligent.
Posted on Monday, May 21, 2007

Aqesgir - ptarmigan.
Aqesgiyagar - ptarmigan chick.

Posted on Monday, May 14, 2007

Ilukegci- - to feel pleased; to feel good inside.
Ilukegciunga - I feel good inside.
Posted on Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Yaqvani - far away
Yaqvanun ayagtua - I am going far away.
Posted on Monday, September 25, 2006

Nacaulleg - emperor goose
nacaullegneg pissutuukut - we hunt emperor geese.
Posted on Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Cawikucug - any metal
uqamaatur cawikuc'ug - the metal is heavy.
Posted on Monday, July17, 2006

Iqsag - large fishhook used for halibut, cod or other large fish
Iqsagkaugua - I will go deep sea fishing.
Posted on Monday, June 6, 2006

Kiapaur - springtime
Kiapautur - it is springtime
Posted on Monday, May 22, 2006

Taqukar - seal
Taqukassurtur - he is seal hunting
Posted on Monday, April 10, 2006

Caniissallraarat - elongated snowflakes,
the kind that fall when a storm is approaching.
Posted on Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Univkangssi - story, tale.
Univkangssiur - he is telling a story
Posted on Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Cauyar - Eskimo dance drum
cauyangqertut angutet - men have drums
cauyalzriameg niitua - I hear drumming
Posted on Monday, December 12, 2005

Anuqa - Wind
Anuqaatur - It is calm, there is no wind;
Anuqeng'ur - it is getting windy
Posted on Monday, November 25, 2005

Qaaritar - Halloween
Qaaritarciqua agayumeg aturlua - I will go trick-or-treating using a mask.
Posted on Monday, October 31, 2005

paunrat - crowberries
paun'erneg unatartua - I am picking crowberries
Posted on Friday, August 12, 2005

Imlaucuar - herring sac roe
illaita imlaucuat kinercituit - some poeple dry herring sac roe.
Posted on Wednesday, May 25 2005

nat'er - floor
natret illait manigwartut - some floors are very smooth
Posted on Wednesday, February 16 2005

Qengagut - snowdrifts
Qengagut ayuqenrit'ut - Snowdrifts come in different forms.
Posted on Tuesday, February 1 2005

Tanqiluryag Kinguqlir - January
Tangqiluryag Kinguqlir nengglinertuarkau-ggur - The month of January is suppose to be cold.
Posted on Monday, January 10 2005

Tanqiluryag Ciuqlir - December
Tanqiluryag Ciuqlirmi Agayunerpagmeg quswayutut - Christmas is celebrated in December
Posted on Tuesday, December 28 2004

Imam Umgut'i - November
Imam Unguti kangingqertur; "Cikum patuluku imarpig - The literal translation for November is; "When the ocean is covered by sea ice.
Posted on Sunday, November 21 2004

caanig - kettle
caanig ulpegtur - the kettle is boiling.
Posted on Tuesday, November 9 2004

Iqalluyagat - Dolly Varden
Iqalluyagat kuignun it'ut uksuarmi - Dolly Varden enter rivers in the fall
Posted on Thursday, October 21 2004

aqumwig - chair
aquwit at'ugut pinarqellriani - chairs are used in specific areas.
Posted on Sunday, October 3 2004

kan'er - frost
Nenglengaqan kantur - When the weather cool, it frosts
Posted on Monday, September 27 2004

nunakuarssun - motor vehicle
nunakuarssutet akagyarangqertut - motorized vehicles have wheels
Posted on Friday, September 17 2004

Uksuar - Fall Season
Uksuar tekitur - the fall season is here.
Posted on Monday, September 13 2004

ellallug - rain
ellallirtur ernerpag - it is raining today
Posted on Tuesday, August 31 2004

nung'u - fog
nung'ur unuarpag - it is foggy this morning
Posted on Saturday, August 21 2004

Atsat - Salmon Berries
Atsat naugut - Salmon Berries are growing
Posted on Wednesday, July 21 2004

mac'utat - chum (dog) salmon
macutat neqlituaput - we subsist on dog salmon
Posted on Tuesday, June 22 2004

cag'it - halibut
cagit qaterpagneg kemengqertut - halibut has white meat
Posted on Tuesday, June 1 2004

Iqalluarpag - herring
Iqalluarpit tallmagtut - herring is spawning
Posted on Saturday, May 8 2004

Ayugeswig-red faced bearded seal
Ayugeswit angerwartut-red faced bearded seals are very large
Posted on Friday, April 23 2004

qusngir - reindeer
qusngit(plural) uqilarwartut - reindeer are fast runners
Posted on Tuesday, March 30 2004

pirtug - blizzard
uksurmi pircit'ur - blizzard occurs in winter
Posted on Monday, March 15 2004

Qengalleg-King Eider
Qengallget upnerkarmi amlleritut-King Eider's are plentiful in spring
Posted on Thursday, March 4 2004

upnerkarniartur - it is almost spring
upnerkarmi qayarturnarqur - sealhunting occurs in spring
Posted on Tuesday, February 24 2004

nep'a = sound
cuut nepa kellgurutektuat-people use sound to fore warn themselves
Posted on Saturday, February 21 2004

Agyat - Stars
Agyat tangernarqut atakurpag, Stars are visible tonight
Posted on Thursday, January 29 2004

cik'u = ice
ciku imarpigmi tangernarriur = the ice in the ocean is visible
Posted on Tuesday, January 27 2004

Qakemna Nengllirwartur=It is very cold outside
Posted on Wednesday, January 14 2004

Tanqiluryag Ciuqlir = December, meaning "the month of the first moon."
AgayunerpagTanqiluryag Ciuqlirmi wiitaur = Christmas is in December.
Posted on Monday, December 1 2003

Imam Umgut'i = November
Imam Umgut'i = closure of sea with pack ice; November.
Posted on Friday, November 7 2003

Ken'gutet = beaded headgear
Posted on Saturday, October 25 2003

qimugta = dog
qimugteg two dogs /
qimugtet three or more dogs
unugpag qimugtet maruaraqertut last night the dogs kept howling
Posted on Monday, October 20 2003

Nanwarat Cikutit = October; "ponds freeze"
Qaaritatut Nanwarat Cikutitni -one goes trick-or-treating in October
Posted on Monday, September 29 2003

Kakeggliyarwig = September; 'runny nose time'
Kakeggliyarwigmi ella nenglengtur - the weather gets cold in September.
Posted on Monday, September 8 2003

Qilangaaruswig = August , puffins departure time
atsarrsurciqua Qilangaaruswigmi I will go pick salmonberries in August.
qilangar = puffin; puffin parka
Posted on Tuesday, August 5 2003

mac'utar = chum salmon
mac'ut'ar one chum salmon
mac'ut'ag two chum salmon
mac'ut'at three or more chum salmons
mac'utalug dried chum salmon
naptaara mac'ut'ar he removed the chum salmon from the gillnet
Posted on Thursday, July 17 2003

iqalluyagar = Dolly Varden
iqalluyagag two Dolly Vardens
iqalluyagat three or more Dolly Vardens
uksuarciqiallrani iqalluyagat amlleritut Dolly Varden becomes plentiful during the late summer
Posted on Tuesday, July 15 2003

Alpaaruswig = July; meaning "the month murres fly south."
Alpaaruswigmi neqliyatuukut <In July we go to fish camp.>
alpa = murre /  alpag two murres / alpat several murres
alpayagar murre chick
alpacurrlugar = murre-skin parka  / see also uungurrlugar, qalilurrlugar
Alpalgar = islet at the southeast coast of Nunivak Island, meaning "a place with murres."
Posted on Sunday, June 29 2003

qapagqur- = to remove seal blubber from skin
qapagqurtur; she is removing seal blubber from skin. qapagqurtua; I am removing seal blubber from skin.
Posted on Monday, June 16 2003

imarpig = ocean / Bering Sea
nunarpim qaanga imarpigtangqertur = the earth's surface has oceans
Posted on Saturday, June 14 2003

Tengmiarat Tengutit
June, meaning the month of the bird chicks flight
Posted on Wednesday, June 4 2003

Tengmiarat Tanqiat = May, meaning the month of the birds.
Posted on Monday, May 19 2003

Tengaurtet Tanqiat
April, meaning the month of the birds.
Posted on Saturday, April 5 2003

angi- = to become loose; to become untied
angiur it came or is loose;
angicissun = screwdriver
Posted on Thursday, February 13 2003

Kuiget Aanit = February
erenret ikgetut Kuiget Aanitni
the days are few in February
Posted on Friday, January 31 2003

Qawangut Kuigat = 'river of dreams'
Qawangut Kuigat, a stream on the southwest of Nuniwar.
Posted on Monday, January 13 2003

Tanqiluryag Kinguqlir = January
Tanqiluryag Kinguqlir, meaning the month of the second moon.
Tanqiluryag Kinguqlir ciunar qula ataucirmeg ernengqertur January has 31 days.
Posted on Wednesday, January 1 2003

Agayunerpag = Christmas
Anirtun curtellrur Agayunerpagmi <Christ was born on Christmas Day. >
Agayunerpakegcikici    <You all have a Merry Christmas.>
Posted on Tuesday, December 24 2002

agayar = a certain fall-time dance festival; a messenger who arrives at a community to announce this festival
agayar tekituur (expressive exclamation) the fall-time dance festival messenger has arrived (meaning that it is time to prepare for the celebration )
agayar- = to celebrate certain fall-time dance festival; to sing songs composed by lyricists for a certain fall-time dance festival # agayartut they are celebrating the fall-dance festival, they are singing a composed dance song / agayaryugtua I want to sing a composed dance song / agayaliyarciqukug we two will go join those who are singing composed dance songs
Posted on Monday, December 16 2002

Tanqiluryag Ciuqlir = December
Tanqiluryag Ciuqlir , literally: "the month of the first moon"
Agayunerpag Tanqiluryag Ciuqlirmi wiitaur Christmas is in December
Posted on Sunday, December 1 2002

Quyaner = Thanksgiving
Quyanermi  cuut  aqesgirpagtut'ut    people eat turkeys on Thanksgiving
quyanertu-    to show much gratitude
quyanertur    he shows much gratitude
quyanertuunga    I show much gratitude
quyanertulliniur    he really shows much gratitude
Posted on Tuesday, November 26 2002

ciku- = to freeze
cik'ur it is freezing or it froze
cikullrur it had frozen
cikumaur it is frozen
cik'ur kuig the river froze
cikullrur nun'a the land had frozen
Posted on Wednesday, November 13 2002

Imam Umgut'i = November
Imam Umgut'i = (literally) the closing of the ocean
Posted on Wednesday, November 6 2002

imkucir = whatchamacallit; that thing (term used to name something when the name is forgotten)
imkucit - whatchamacallits imkucit-ggem asqigtut - those whatcamacallits are handy
Posted on Sunday, November 3 2002

Qaaritar = Halloween; to go trick-or-treating
Caurciqsit Qaaritarmi? what will you do during Halloween?
Qaaritarciqua agayumeg aturlua I will go trick-or-treating using a mask.
Posted on Tuesday, October 29 2002

Nanwarat Cikutit = October
Literally "when the ponds freeze over"
Posted on Monday, October 21 2002

qusngir = reindeer; white bearded seal
qusngiyagar reindeer fawn
qusngig two reindeer
qusngit three or more reindeer
iqulluku qusngir he wrestled down a reindeer
niitua qusngineg I hear reindeer
Posted on Monday, October 14 2002

imarniteg = seal intestine raincoat (or two such raincoats)
naukua imarnitegken? where is your seal intestine raincoat? 
imarnitegka my seal intestine raincoat
Posted on Wednesday, October 2 2002

uksuar = fall; autumn
uksuarmi nenglengtur
the weather gets cold in the fall
Posted on Thursday, September 26 2002

tuutangayag = Canada goose
tuutangayiigeg two Canada geese
tuutangayit three or more Canada geese
Tuutangayit Ingeswiat = lake near the southwest coast of Nunivak Island , meaning where Canada geese molt
Posted on Sunday, September 22 2002

assigte- = to dance
assigtua <I am dancing >
Kassiyulrit ayagnirciqialliniut
< They're going to start the dance soon >
Posted on Thursday, September 19 2002

qay'ar one kayak 
qay'ag two kayaks
qay'at (or qass'it ) three or more kayaks
taqukassurtua qayarkun I am seal hunting by kayak
Posted on Tuesday, September 17 2002

to be good; to be well; to be nice
pinirtur it is good
pinirtua I am well
pinirturanartur boy, it's very nice
piniqapiartur it is very good
Posted on Friday, September 13 2002


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