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Most recently posted photos from top to bottom. If you think you know any unidentified people or places in the photos please send an email to info@nunivakisland.org , and we'll make corrections.

Harry Shavings, Susie Shavings and Nona Amos. Lunch break at Talungmiut, ca. 1988.

[Photo courtesy Howard T. Amos]


Kay and Mattie Hendricskon

Kay Hendrickson and Mattie Hendrickson, late 1950s, outside of their house in Mekoryuk. This photo was taken by Paul Estle who with his wife Kay were schoolteachers in Mekoryuk for two years in the late 50s. Paul was originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Kay Estle originally from Boise, Idaho. Paul was stationed in Alaska during WWII and later they taught in Mekoryuk for about 2 years, according to their son Elwin.

[Paul Estle photo, courtesy Elwin Estle]

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