We are Cup'it.

Cup'it is the plural of Cup'ig, our Native name for our language and ourselves.

We are also Nuniwarmiut, which means "the residents of Nunivak Island." Nunivak = Nuniwar / miut = "the people or residents of ."

And we are Mikuryarmiut, "the residents of Mekoryuk." Mekoryuk is the name of our village to English speakers. We say Mikuryarmiut. When a place is inhabited, or has been in the past, it's name and residents name often end in -miut. For as long as anyone can remember the village has always been inhabited, for at least some part of the year.

Mikuryarmiut is located on the north coast of Nuniwar at the mouth of river we call Mikuryarmiut Kuigat, Mekoryuk's River. Kuigat is our word for river.

We are called Eskimo by Westerners. Although this is a term that some disapprove of, it does not bother us. There are many "Eskimo" groups, so nowadays we prefer to be identified as Cup'ig.

Mikuryarmiut (Mekoryuk) is a modern village with a population of about 215.


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