Stone Head Carvings, told in Cup'ig, with English translation. Narrated by Qungutur.

Qungutur (Robert Kolerok)

Tamakut cuut pilliaraat ciuliaratuut nallumteni. Cugtun ayuqellernek caumallret amllertut, culliarit.

Aukwallaat kwa-i curpailemta piqullrungataat apertusciigatki-llu kwaten tauggaam tangrrumaaqluki kwangkuta pitungamta avani cuut, cullret augkut. Atamta-llu [?] piliqucullrulliningateki tamaakut ak'allaulrit nalluaput qangvaq pillrit. Tava tayim' cami pillrit niicuitaput.

Our ancestors made those before we were even born. There are many of those people-faced figures, the ones they made.

Those are very ancient and were carved way before we were born and people in the time we were young could not talk about them because they did not know of them. But they were made and how old exactly they are is not known about. We never hear when they have made those or what year.

Robert Kolerok, 1986. Tape Number 86NUN027, Bureau of Indian Affairs ANCSA Program Office, Anchorage Alaska. Tape copy on file at NPT.


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