Nunivak Island Cup'ig Language
Preliminary Dictionary

This is a draft web version of a larger printed dictionary that was published in late 2003 by the Alaska Native Language Center. The Cup'ig dictionary is the first dictionary published in our language. The dictionary has been made possible with grants and donations from the Alaska Humanities Forum, The U.S. National Park Service, the Threshold Foundation, NIMA Corporation, Mekoryuk IRA Council and personal donations. Many individuals contributed to the dictionary, the primary compiler is Muriel Amos of Mekoryuk. The on-line dictionary is a work in progress and may contain minor errors.

The Cup'ig alphabet includes the following letters:
A C E G I K L M N P Q R S T U V W Y .
Click here for a pronunciation guide. (sorry, not linked yet)

Choose from the list below to go to the Cup'ig to English dictionary. Later we hope to add English to Cup'ig.

Aa - Ag Ak Al - Am An Ap - Ar
As - At Au - Ay Ca - Can Cap - Cay Ce - Ci
Cu Ec - El Em - Ev G - Il Im - Ip
Iq - Iw Ka Ke Ki Ku - Kw
L Ma Me - Mu Naa - Naq Nar - Nen
Nep - Niu Nu Pa Pe - Pi Pu
Qap - Qay Qe Qi Qu
S - Tan Tap - Tay Te Ti - Tu Uc - Um
Un - Uq Ur - Uy W - Y



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