Articles About Nunivak Island

--Maternity Call, by Curt Newport. Dramatic story of the rescue of a young mother and baby (Rose David) at Nuniwar in 1954.
(web link - Includes link to photos of Rose taken in 2005)[posted November 26, 2007]

--Kayak building in Alaska - Nuniwar. by Skip Snaith, Qayista, read about Nuniwar qay'at (kayaks) and his impressions of visiting and working with Nuniwarmiut in January 1999, (web link -, [posted January 18, 2006]

--Educational summer camp tied to Nunivak work force. by Margaret Bauman, Alaska Journal of Commerce, September 7, 2004

--Yurarpak in Toksook Bay, By Vanessa Lincoln, February 13, 2004

--Returning to the old ways, Nunivak herders take to their feet. By Ted Horner, Sept. 24, 2003

--Changing Currents color the Bering Sea a New Shade of Blue. By John Weier, March 30, 1999 During the summers of 1997-98, a type of one-celled microscopic plant changed the color of the Bering Sea from its natural deep blue to a shimmering aquamarine in a matter of weeks. Nunivak and Bering Sea fishermen noted a large die-off of seabirds at the same time. Read this article from the NASA Earth Observatory Web Site. [posted Nov. 17, 2004]

--Description of Nunivak Island, from Birds of Nunivak Island by Harry S. Swarth 1933 [posted Nov. 16, 2004]




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