Nuniwarmiut Piciryarata Tamaryalkuti is a private, nonprofit corporation exempt from Federal Income Tax under 501(a) of the Internal revenue Code as an organization described in section 501(c)(3). As a result of this determination, donations and in-kind services are U.S. tax-deductible. If you or your organization would like to make a contribution to our efforts to preserve and promote our traditional culture, please email us or contact:


Nuniwarmiut Piciryarata Tamaryalkuti
P.O. Box 26
Mekoryuk, Alaska 99630
Phone: (907)827-8823

Executive Director
Nakaar (Howard T. Amos)

Board of Directors
Paugyug (Tom Amos) - President
Qenuang (Edward Shavings)
Nussaalar (Muriel Amos)
Can'irralzria (George Williams Sr.)
Panigkar (Mildred Whitman)
Cakiller (Sam Smith)

NPT Offices. December 7, 2005 (R. Drozda Photo)


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