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Current news from Mekoryuk (May, 2011)

Camai, cangacec’i? For me I’m fine. Sorry for such a long delay in submitting my commentary. The winter went just fine out here on Nuniwar, but the snow melt kind of slow this spring. Currently, we’re still snow covered, but its beginning to disappear quite fast. I believe the upcoming rain forecast will allow it to disappear overnight.

Nuniwarmiut School graduated one senior student this year on May 10th and his name is Jason Hunt. Three pre-schooler’s also graduated, so their challenge will be in the kindergarten this coming fall. We hope the best for the wonderful young man, Jason, in his future ventures.

Sealhunting? Guys have been going out......

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Mr. Elwin Estle has posted some wonderful photos of school children and village scenes in Mekoryuk taken in the late 1950s, they are accessible on Flickr at the following link: http://flickr.com/photos/21671210@N04/
Thank you Mr. Estle and we look forward to seeing more!

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Feature photos are now linked directly to the NPT Flickr site.

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Some of you have noticed that we have been gone for a while. We lost our URL to pirates but now are back with a new URL http//www.nunivakisland.org

Please also visit our new photo site on Flickr! Where we have recently posted photographs of 2008 Marine Debris Cleanup project at Southern Nunivak.


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Harry and Susie

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univkangssi - story; tale
Univkangssiur - he is telling a story
Univkangssisnga - tell me a story

Posted on Tuesday, April 14, 2009

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